Jharkhand Forum – Protest against Golden Peacock Award to Vedanta Alumina Ltd

The World Environment Foundation (London) was set to hand over the Golden Peacock Award for Best Environmental Management to Vedanta Alumina Ltd.

The World Environment Foundation (London) – a dubious racket of incriminating corporations – was set to hand over the Golden Peacock Award for Best Environmental Management to Vedanta Alumina Ltd (Lanjigarh, Orissa). Vedanta has been globally indicted for gross environmental and human rights violation. Its plant in Lanjigarh (which WEF had chosen to honour) has already devastated the lives of at least 15000 adivasis and dalits, polluted a river that is the lifeline of about 40000 people, created untold health hazards for local residents by indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste and unchecked emission, and has unleashed an army of goons to create a reign of terror.

It is pretty much apparent that such companies need entities like WEF and vice versa, which helps build a clean image for the former and wealth and shameless reasons for existence for the latter. Otherwise, how could a company, which has been served notices several time by the pollution control board for not adhering to regulations and constantly facing public outrage and rejection, go on to receive an award for enviormental management??? In a Public Hearing on 25 April 2009, local people not only accused Vedanta in uncertain terms for creating severe pollution and healh hazards but also demanded closure of the plant. How does this nexus work? …by supressing information, buying over the media, and manipulating all possible government machineries! But what happens when people rise up to question? The demons are made to bite the dust… WATCH THE FILM!

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